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Posted on: maio 20, 2009

So, what do you do when you want to have fun?

Students learning and having fun at The Bridge to CollegeNunsHavingFun


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I looooooooved the nuns at the beach!!!!
Felt like doing the same… but not with the same clothes… lol

Anyway, what do I do for fun?!?!?

Well, I’m happy I’m not twittering, so i can write more than 140 characters…

Doing nothing is good.
Dancing, even if in the shower, is awesome.
Using the computer is exciting.
Reading a [good] book is inspiring.
Talking nonsense is fun.
Eating is satisfying inner desires.
Going out for a walk is relaxing.
Having romantic moments is fulfilling.
Traveling is enlightening.
Taking pictures is immortalizing.



Well, I really love waking up late and stay a little more (for one hour) in bed, then get up, have breakfast, take a shower, check e-mail, Orkut, blogs, Twitter, etc… and then go to the beach and spend some 5 hours at the beach doing nothing, just the best… relaxing… waiting for the sunset…
Sounds like vacation!! Right?

staying longer in bed ROCKS! I love it, specially when it’s cold.
Love eating chocolate fondue in the mountains, with some wine and my cute loving hubbie to hold me and warm me.
LOVE going to the movies, eating POPCORN, hanging out with friends, orkutting, googling, blogging, twittering, etc.

Huummm… let me see… What do I do for fun?!
I dont know if you know, guys… but I quite often
sing in cerimonies as weddings!
And I love that!
Well, not only the ‘singing stuff’ but mainly
that “funny” moment when the bride and the groom
promise each other IMPOSSIBLE THINGS.
I do believe that they should say (instead of “I promise to…”)
“I promise to try to do my best to…”
Sounds fair, huh?!
It’s also funny to see the bride crying and spoiling all ‘make up’…
Ok!!! What else???????
I love reading, dancing, hanging out with cool people,
movies, theater, MUSIC… MUSIC… MUSIC…
My life has a soundtrack.
I love orkutting, blogging, and my MYSPACE page.
Traveling is awesome, too.
Learning sth different every single day is just PRICELESS!
I enjoy kissing, hugging,… btw… have I mentioned sex?! 😉
Oh my!!! I really like to do a thousand things for fun…
Quite impossible to write them all here…

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