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Rainy Days

Posted on: maio 29, 2009


I go totally crazy on a rainy day!! I mean, what can I do? Wake up… get up late? That’s not enough. Not even close. I wanna go to the beach, see a beautiful blue sky and wear flip flops, shorts… hate carrying an umbrella!! Specially when we have beautiful days from Mon. to Thu… and rainy Friday!! Thta’s NOT fair!!


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today is Mon and it is raining outside, does it make u feel any better?

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down” (The Carpenters)
I HATE carrying an umbrella, but I LOVE staying in bed, having some hot chocolate and watching a movie while listening to the rain outside.
The thing is EVERY time it’s raining I’m supposed to work – that’s just NOT fair.


Where have you been????

It’s not raining anymore!!!!!!

Rainy days are good… to stay home… and do nothing… or do something… but @ home!!!!!

some things we can do when it rains:

Read while the rain is pouring down outside;
Stay late in bed;
Have a cup of hot tea (or chocolate, whatever);
Watch videos;
Organize your closet;

Well, there are some nice things you can do when it rains!!!

But… it’s not raining anymore!!!!


It’s been raining forever…. it makes me sleepy. Sleeping makes me hungry and eating makes me sleepy… I guess, I’ve gained some weight…

A rainy Monday is something I dislike the most, I guess!!!

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